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📡 to enhance or to compensate?

Hello and welcome to Pulse — the weekly techie/businessy newsletter from @perspectiveix. I’m your host, Ben, and today’s pulse is a bit shorter than usual. Things will go back to normal next week.
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  • Tesla’s new software let its cars’ cameras see speed limit signs [link], Elon Musk trots out pigs in demo of Neuralink brain implants [link], and Bose audio sunglasses [link]
  • Facebook, TikTok, and Apple’s Epic Battle [link]
  • TikTok CEO leaves after 100 days, Amazon’s new fitness band, and Facebook’s fail — again [link]
  • Google confusing its own engineers, Instagram expanding Guides, and Fortnite [link]
  • YouTube’s record-breaking quarter, Facebook’s putting Shops everywhere, and Apple-Epic battle continues [link]
  • Made in Mexico iPhones, TikTok sues Trump, and Facebook to pay tax [link]
  • Behind the TikTok ban, More lawsuits against Trump, and Microsoft’s Epic support [link]
Credit: Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash
Credit: Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash
Self-disclosure on social media is not just about building trust and forming relationships. ‘Social Enhancement & Social Compensation’ is another theory concerning people’s online presence and behaviour that associates the offline popularity of a user & how it relates to their behaviour on social media. 
Popularity studies show that in the beginning stages of adulthood, peers replace parents as the most important social influence on teens. And therefore, teens become much more interested in acceptance of their “friends” rather than their family. During this time, being popular and/or attractive - simply “cool” - among peers plays a crucial role in the youth social interactions. The “cooler” they are, the more popular they become, and that’s desirable - and not just for teens!
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i’ve recently revisited this from back in 2017… and i think it’s still relevant…
used it today for the first time… and loved it
  • LinkedIn is working on enlarging emoji messages [link]
  • Lyft is working on Venmo as payment method [link]
  • Google Photos is working on a new editor UI [link]
  • Spotify is working on Virtual Events [link] and “Podcast Topics” search [link]
Challenging Authority with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss - A Bit of Optimism
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Thoughts Are Seeds
"If it is conditional, It is not love.”

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