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Welcome to today's Pulse! Hope you're all safe and healthy. I tried to keep Pulse as COVID-19-free a
March 22 · Issue #81 · View online
Welcome to today’s Pulse!
Hope you’re all safe and healthy. I tried to keep Pulse as COVID-19-free as possible, but COVID-19 is bigger and more important than anything I write about here.
There’s no escaping it - at least in terms of news. Tech, media, and business - and almost everything I write about - are either slowing down or completely shut down.
However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing interesting happening. Stay home and catch up on what you always wanted to do. This might be way too glass half full, but you’ve been given the gift of time… use it — not everyone’s so lucky…
— 𝕭𝖊𝖓 𝔣𝔯𝔬𝔪 [ 𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖕𝖊𝖈𝖙𝖎𝖛𝖊 𝖎𝖝 ]

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Ps. Happy Nowrouz (Persian New Year); and the start of the Spring.

  • Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video say they will reduce their streaming quality in EU to reduce traffic on the network, as millions are confined at home [Reuters] — writing this while my broadband is down and I’m using my mobile hotspot…

  • After canceling Google I/O’s in-person event in early March, Google now says it will “not be holding an I/O event in any capacity this year” [9to5Google] — someone had to start… will others follow? Apple? Facebook? Probably.

  • Microsoft Teams passed 44M DAUs, up from 32M earlier this month, unveils new features like real-time noise suppression that are coming later this year [VentureBeat] — it would be interesting to see if they can keep the numbers up post-COVID19…

  • The Bank of England has an interesting position paper on digital currency possibilities, going beyond crypto [PDF].

  • Apple unveils new 11" and 12.9" iPad Pro with a lidar scanner for depth-sensing, backlit keyboard and trackpad [Apple], new MacBook Air with a Magic Keyboard featuring scissor-style keys, 13.3" display, Touch ID, and 10th-gen Intel Core CPUs [Apple].

  • Sony details full PlayStation 5 specs: a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, custom GPU based on AMD’s RDNA 2 with 10.28 teraflops, 16GB RAM, and custom 825GB SSD [EuroGamer].

COVID-19 & Global Economy - Credit: Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash
COVID-19 & Global Economy - Credit: Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash
COVID-19: Implications for business
The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy. This article is intended to provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the perspectives in this article may fall rapidly out of date. This article reflects our perspective as of March 16, 2020. We will update it regularly as the outbreak evolves.
Read the complete article on McKinsey.

  • The WHO’s dashboard of COVID-19 stats [Link].
  • The UK COVID-19 Cases Update [Link]
⚠️ it’s more than a little scary!

Astrology App Revenue - Credit: SensorTower
Astrology App Revenue - Credit: SensorTower
U.S. Astrology App Revenue Grew 64.7% to Nearly $40 Million in 2019
Three of 2019’s highest-earning apps have appeared in the top 10 each year since 2016. Zodiac Touch saw the most significant increase in 2019 over its 2016 revenue at 75% growth, while Psychic Txt and Purple Ocean grew 45.5% and 8%, respectively, over the past four years.
Read more on SensorTower.

Grocery Delivery Apps - Credit: Apptopia
Grocery Delivery Apps - Credit: Apptopia
Grocery Delivery Apps Set Consecutive Days of Record Downloads
Instacart, Walmart Grocery and Shipt have all been setting record download days for downloads of their mobile apps each day for the past three days. Sunday March 15, 2020 was again a new record for each app.
We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries asking if food delivery is on the rise in the United States due to the spread of COVID-19. We very recently reported the market is actually cooling in this country. Before we check back in with food delivery, let’s look at grocery delivery.
Read more on Apptopia.

according to them though.

pretty handy illustrations.

works on iOS and Android.

‘It’s Like a War’ - The Daily
The Confrontation - Invisibilia
🐦 TWEETS of the WEEK
Matthew Kobach (but safely eatin Chipotle at home)
There’s no such thing as an original idea. Everything is a remix of a remix of a remix.
josh 'Letterman' (oldfriend99)
How embarrassing would it be to catch the 2009 swine flu right now
Rebecca Hendin
Please allow yourself one small 'lol' today by picturing the many spectacular homemade haircuts people will emerge from quarantine with.

14 Year Wedding Anniversary. Can't go out to celebrate. This happens. - Credit: Trampolice
14 Year Wedding Anniversary. Can't go out to celebrate. This happens. - Credit: Trampolice
Maia Bittner 🏡
wait so did we ever talk about how literally ever card in the universe has the chip on the left except the apple card?
Perspective - Credit:
Perspective - Credit:

That's all for this week...
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Stay safe.
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