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  • Facebook reportedly choked traffic for left-leaning news [link], Windows 10 is installing Office web apps without asking permission [link], Google says Chinese hackers who targeted Biden campaign are faking McAfee software [link], and Broadvoice’s cloud leak exposed sensitive data from over 200,000 voicemails [link]
  • Google helping US Voters, Twitter backtracks, and LTE on the Moon [link]
  • Apple’s orders, Section 230, and a lot more [link]
  • Twitter follows Facebook, Facebook follows Twitter, Snapchat walks behind them [link]
  • iPhone 12 with 5G, Facebook taking a stand, and Google after two years [link]
  • Facebook taking a stand, Cheaper 5G phone, and Disney’s new priority [link]
  • Antitrust, Botnet, and QAnon [link]
Choose one - Credit:  JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash
Choose one - Credit: JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash
So you want to achieve greatness. You’ve decided that ho-hum mediocrity is not for you. Alrighty then.
Well, if you’re going to do that, you have to make a choice: whether to take The Big Road or The Little Road.
The Big Road means doing big stuff. Painting the Sistine Chapel, running a big company like Apple or Amazon, or directing a big movie like Apocalypse Now. This is epic. This is huge. “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair” etc.
Whereas The Little Road is doing little things, but doing a lot of them often, over a long period of time. Jiro Ono became the world’s greatest sushi chef, simply by making one little piece of sushi at a time over fifty years. Philip Larkin wrote lots of REALLY GOOD short poems over a similar span of decades. Scott Adams did the same with his little four-panel Dilbert cartoons. Just by grinding away at it quietly, day after day, until it all somehow added up.
So which road is for you, Big or Little? Only you can answer that, but what we will say is that you have a lot more chance pulling it off if you take the Little Road, than the Big one. The drawback is, the Little Road may not have enough “red meat” for your egomaniacal, drama-queen tendencies to feed on. You might prefer something with a bit more fireworks, something that attracts more hangers-on and groupies, hence the Big Road awaits.
Up to you.
just read it; more than once.
2020’s Top Brands Ranked by Customer Loyalty
Sensor Tower's Q3 2020 Data Digest: 100 Billion App Downloads and Counting for 2020
  • Widgify: Helps you organise your iPhone home screen [iOS]
  • Instagram continues to work on the Audio Mix feature for Reels [link]
  • Facebook is working on an option to let your Stories last 12 hours [link]
  • Microsoft is working on a redesigned #Outlook onboarding screen [link]
  • Instagram is working on the Professional Resources hub [link]
  • Notion is working on side-by-side editor layout [link] & template suggestions [link]
  • Twitter is working on including link to “Trends U.S. Election Policy” in the Explore settings [link]
  • Instagram is working on a filter option for the activity feed [link]
The Logic of Rage - Hidden Brain
Life On Earth - Snow Patrol
🐦 TWEETS of the WEEK
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Bot
"Regular minds find similarities in stories (and situations); finer minds detect differences." - @nntaleb
Thoughts Are Seeds
“Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do in the visible.”

Quite Interesting
Five African grey parrots have had to be removed from display at a Lincolnshire Wildlife Park for swearing at visitors and then laughing with each other.
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are you trying it? i am.
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