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📡 The pricing challenge. Failure. And Blame.

Welcome to another Pulse! I thought I was super busy the week before last, but last week, took it to
September 16 · Issue #6 · View online
Welcome to another Pulse!
I thought I was super busy the week before last, but last week, took it to a whole new level! Not complaining though! It’s exciting.
If you haven’t already, going through what happened at Apple’s 2018 iPhone event is worth it, although Apple Watch series 4 stole the show, I think.
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📰 News

  • Tesla’s got competition! Lithium Werks, a small Dutch company, plans to spend $2 billion manufacturing power packs for bulkier machines, such as boats, trains, and mining equipment [Bloomberg]. It does feel like the right time to challenge Tesla since Elon Musk is probably stoned by now! [TheGuardian]

  • Inject humanity into Facebook! Facebook’s quite serious about solving their problems as reports emerge of their hiring a director of human rights policy to work on “conflict prevention” and “peace-building” [TechCrunch]. Also, apparently, Facebook is beating Twitter on fake-news-front too, but it’s still not enough. [TheVerge]
🧠 Insights
The Good-Better-Best Approach to Pricing The Good-Better-Best Approach to Pricing
📊 Statistics
How Top Finance Apps Ranked during last few years - Credit: SensorTower
Money Transfer Apps Downloads since Q1 2015 - Credit: SensorTower
Top Money Transfer Apps Surge Past Mobile Banking Giants
Money transfer apps like Venmo (PayPal-owned) and Cash App (Square-owned), have surpassed mobile banking as the largest drivers of U.S. fintech downloads, according to SensorTower data since 2015.
Read more on SensorTower.

Digital Detoxers & Digital Dieters - Credit: GlobalWebIndex
Digital Diets
In a special study, GWI surveyed 4,438 internet users aged 16-64 in 🇺🇸 and 🇬🇧 and categorised them into three categories:
  1. Digital Detoxers (19%): been on a full digital detox, either while travelling or for any other extended time;
  2. Digital Dieters (51%): taken steps to cut down their time spent online, such as restricting usage around bedtime;
  3. Digitally Comfortable (30%): haven’t felt the need to cut down/out their online activities.
Digital detoxers and people who take more moderate means to limit their usage have the same priorities: to spend more time with their families, take part in offline activities, and focus on their health.
Read more on GlobalWebIndex.

📱 Tools & Apps
  • Sip: Daily tappable tech news and stories by ProductHunt. [iOS | Android]

  • Post Inspect: Find the best times to post to Reddit! Do better than 6pm on a Wednesday!
🎮 Fun Stuff
Can we stop blaming others?
Vala Afshar
People are not afraid of failure, they are afraid of blame.
2:09 PM - 5 Sep 2018
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