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Welcome to Manchester Day's Pulse! It's the 10th Manchester Day! Lots of entrainment and parade aroun
June 23 · Issue #43 · View online
Welcome to Manchester Day’s Pulse!
It’s the 10th Manchester Day! Lots of entrainment and parade around Manchester. Take a look!
While you’re on Twitter, take a look at #BadStockImagesOfMyJob - you probably will see some funny and some not-so-funny stuff to relate to! 😱😁😂
By the way, this issue has the results from last week’s poll! I’m not sure why I just realised I should’ve done that from the beginning - but better late than never, right?
Now, I’m gonna try to make it to Manchester Day’s parade… You’ll see it on Instagram & Snapchat if I do!
Now, scroll away right to the end!
- Ben from Perspective IX

📰 News
Sarah Jamie Lewis
Can't wait for a cryptocurrency with the ethics of Uber, the censorship resistance of Paypal, and the centralization of Visa, all tied together under the proven privacy of Facebook.
8:10 AM - 14 Jun 2019
  • All you need to know about Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra [TechCrunch], and its wallet app, Calibra.

  • From Calvin Klein to KFC, the rise of the computer-generated influencer on social media [NewYorkTimes].

  • Slack’s successful IPO [TechCrunch] is followed by joining Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Docs on Microsoft’s internal list of ‘prohibited and discouraged’ softwares [GeekWire].

  • Monzo & Starling are transforming UK spending and now are targeting US [Verge]; and Revolut launches in Australia as a beta release [TechCrunch].

  • iOS 13 (beta 2) now tells you if an app you’re deleting still has an active subscription [FedericoViticci].

🧠 Insights
Can we call TikTok the [next] big thing already? - Credit: Harrison Moore on Unsplash
How The Washington Post, NBC News, and The Dallas Morning News are using TikTok
Tired of the trolls and infinite screaming on Twitter? Try the infinite video memes on TikTok (get a taste of its best here) — perhaps the most successful new social platform among American young people since Snapchat (I’m still on Snapchat - Add me) more than a half-decade ago.
As with Snapchat before it, news organisations are trying to figure out a way in. TikTok is old enough to have guides and explainers in The New York TimesThe VergeThe Wall Street Journal, and Slate, among others; but here, let’s talk about news organisations and how they’ve been using TikTok.
Read more on NiemanLab by Christine Schmidt.

🗳 Poll of the Week
When commuting alone, what do you usually listen to?
This poll is available on both Telegram & Twitter as well - if you felt like voting there or retweeting it! 😋
Last week’s poll results:
Would you like to get Pulse more often?
  • Yes - everyday (20%)
  • Yes - 2/3 of times a week (40%)
  • No - weekly is fine (40%)

📊 Statistics
Marketers Priorities in Choosing Social Platforms - Credit: Marketing Charts.
What Do Marketers Prioritise When Choosing Social Platforms?
Seven in 10 social marketers say that increasing brand awareness is one of their top goals. To help achieve this, over half (54%) of marketers are prioritising potential audience reach when considering which social platforms to invest in, according to a new report from Sprout Social, which examined survey responses from more than 1,000 social media marketers as well as more than 1,000 consumers.
Read more on MarketingCharts.

What Do Marketers Prioritize When Choosing Social Platforms?

Top Social Networking Apps Worldwide by Downloads (05/19) - Credit: SensorTower
Top Social Networking Apps Worldwide by Downloads (May 2019)
The most downloaded social networking app worldwide for May 2019 was Facebook with more than 60.6 million installs. The markets with the most new Facebook installs during this period were India at 24% of total downloads, followed by Indonesia🇮🇩 at 12% and Brazil🇧🇷 at 8%.
TikTok was the second most installed social networking app worldwide last month with close to 56 million installs, with the largest portion of those coming from India🇮🇳 at 57%, followed by China🇨🇳 at 8%. Snapchat, Instagram and, Likee rounded out the top five most installed social networking apps worldwide for the month.
Read more on SensorTower.

Global Population: People vs Phones - Credit: TicToc by Bloomberg
Our devices have taken over
The number of cellphone subscriptions is now bigger than the number of actual people on the planet, according to UN data.

📱 Tools & Apps

  • Hatchful: Free stunning logo generator by Shopify

  • Deliverer: Live video and screencast to all platforms simultaneously [iOS]

🎧 Audio Stimulation
How I Built This with Guy Raz - Live Episode! Tofurky: Seth Tibbott How I Built This with Guy Raz - Live Episode! Tofurky: Seth Tibbott
🐦 Tweets of the Week
Janko Roettgers
Am I the only one who regularly adds task they have already completed to their to-do list, only to enjoy crossing them off?
6:44 PM - 21 Jun 2019
Y’all don’t know what it was like before memes. One joke from Billy Madison had to last you like 5 years
3:35 AM - 18 Jun 2019
Aparna Nancherla
if you don’t have something nice to say, there’s a good chance you are thriving online
4:44 PM - 17 Jun 2019
🎮 Fun Stuff
What numbers do you see? Hit 'reply' - Credit: Twitter/CarolinaMilan
Time to put an end to face-swaps... forever - Credit: Reddit/u/dmc9c3
This is not goodbye...
This is nothing but best wishes for you!
See you next week!
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