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Welcome to another Pulse issue! First, I'd like to thank everyone who signed up for Revue via the aff
September 2 · Issue #4 · View online
Welcome to another Pulse issue!
First, I’d like to thank everyone who signed up for Revue via the affiliate link in the last issue. You helped Pulse push beyond the 50 subscribers limit; so, thanks a lot! And I kept my promise of removing inactive subscribers so we’re not wasting any space.
Now, there are a couple of pieces in this issue highlighting one of our most important assets in life: our attention.
“Attention is a resource — a person has only so much of it.” — Matthew B. Crawford
Look through the images in ‘Removed’ photo series and the photo of Hugo Gernsback’s Isolator from the 1920s. Now, think about what you are paying for with your attention? Is it even worth it?
Let me know what you think.

📰 News
  • Apple’s self-driving car hits a milestone: the first accident! [TechCrunch] Apple reported their first autonomous vehicle collision in California where they now have 66 of them approved for testing. The accident caused no injuries and it was a human error. [CNBC]

  • Apple’s next iPhone event will be on 12 September [TechCrunch] and there already are a few leaks: iPhone XS [TheVerge] and a bigger Apple Watch [9to5Mac]. What are you most excited about?

  • Last week, Facebook rolled out its Watch video-on-demand service to the rest of the world beyond the United States. Have you had a chance to try it? Or even had you heard about it at all? Well, it’s not Facebook’s most popular product yet! We ran a poll on our Telegram channel in addition to some data from Statista about people’s familiarity with the service. It’s worth taking a look.

  • Your Twitter followings about to shrink! Twitter’s testing a new handy feature: personalised “unfollow” suggestions! [Slate] How many unfollows are you expecting?
🧠 Insights
Credit - Sandrachile on Unsplash
Credit - Sandrachile on Unsplash
12 Stunning Instagram Themes (& How to Borrow Them for Your Own Feed)
'Removed' - How Cellphones Isolate Humans by Eric Pickersgill 'Removed' - How Cellphones Isolate Humans by Eric Pickersgill
📊 Statistics
How Often Do Smartphones "Phone Home"?
How Often Do Smartphones "Phone Home"?
How often does your smartphone phone home?
As you probably already know, smartphones can (and do) gather a lot of information about their users and then “phone home,” meaning send them to the companies behind their operating system; usually, Google or Apple.
According to a new study, Google, in particular, likes to keep tabs on its users. The study analysed how often Android phones and iPhones send information to Google’s and Apple’s servers during a 24-hour period, distinguishing between the amount of data collected in idle mode and during normal use.
The results are pretty clear: even when not used, Android phones send information to Google around 40 times per hour, compared to just 4 times iPhones send info to Apple’s servers. During normal use, that total rises to 90 information requests per hour for Android phones compared to 18 for iPhones.
Interestingly Google even collects more data from iPhone users than Apple itself does. This, however, only works when the phone is used. In idle mode iPhones very rarely communicate with Google’s servers. 
Read more on Statista.

The State of Chinese Voice Assistants. Credit: CBInsights
The State of Chinese Voice Assistants. Credit: CBInsights
The Rise Of Chinese Voice Assistants
China is the second-largest consumer market in the world, hitting $4.3T in consumer expenditure in 2016 alone (for reference, the US ranked first with $12.5T, and Japan third with $2.7T).
The Chinese smart home market will reach nearly $23B in 2018, according to Juniper Research. Smart speakers and AI voice assistants are becoming an integral part of that.
Now that smart speakers are becoming commonplace, the early entrant, Amazon, is losing its market share — and not just to its rival Google, but to newer players emerging in China.
Read more on CBIsights.
August update 📈 External referral traffic to's network:
- Google News is currently sending 2.3% of traffic and Twitter is sending 2.2%.
- Referral traffic from Pinterest, Google (other), and Bing is neck and neck.
External referral traffic to network
It’s interesting how close Flipboard is to Twitter and Google News in terms of referral traffic. If you’re a publisher (or work for one), make sure you have a strategic presence on Flipboard.

📱 Tools & Apps
  • IGBlade: Keep an eye on your Instagram stats - and maybe your competitors!

  • BuyMeACoffee: If you’re a creator or a curator, this can help your fans support you with a coffee or two. [Example: You can support me and have a chance to win $20!]

🎮 Fun Stuff
Isolator: To save your most valuable asset - Attention!
Isolator: To save your most valuable asset - Attention!
👆Hugo Gernsback wearing his Isolator, which eliminates external noises for concentration, from Science and Invention, July, 1925. [Credit: Syracuse University Libraries, Special Collections Research Center via NYBooks]

The Amazing Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron that DRIVES!
Just watch the two-minute video… It’s so good.
And remember to like it if you liked it, and don’t be like people on James’s flight:
James Hamblin
I got on a plane today and everyone was scrolling instagram but not liking things. I wanted to grab the intercom and remind everyone that likes are free and unlimited and everyone loves getting them.
This is not goodbye...
This is a request! This week, I’d like to pick your brains about the different sections of Pulse. So, if you hit reply and let me know what your most and least favourite sections are, that would be fantastic. Even if you think something is missing or is too much, I’d love to hear it.
See you in your inbox next week!
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