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📡 Talk is cheap. Act.

Hello and welcome to Pulse — the weekly techie/businessy newsletter from @perspectiveix. I’m your host, Ben, and I’m on my way to another lockdown — yay 😐
This time, it’s less surprising, but more frustrating because I believe it could’ve been avoided… But again, I haven’t run a country yet, so…
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  • Facebook bracing for the election, Apple replacing AirPods, and Trump’s TikTok ban blocked — again — for now [link]
  • Earnings Calls, Netflix, and US Election [link]
  • Section 230, Spotify in Russia, and iPhone’s secret feature [link]
  • Microsoft’s money making machine, Zuck’s testimony, and a partnership [link]
  • Facebook steps into gaming, pisses off its Oculus users, and changes nudity policy [link]
  • Facebook election prep, Alibaba’s latest investment, and PayPal [link]
Act - Credit: Ethan Elisara on Unsplash
Act - Credit: Ethan Elisara on Unsplash
That’s a criticism, of course. A report, study or testimony that’s all anecdote with no data carries little in the way of actionable information.
On the other hand, if you want to change people’s minds, “all data and no anecdote” isn’t going to get you very far.
We act on what we understand, we understand what fits into our worldview and we remember what we act on.
The Importance of the iPhone to Apple
Ad Viewability Increases Across Most Formats in H1 2020
  • Email spam checker & newsletter heat map prediction.
  • Instagram keeps working on the Reels remix feature (similar to TikTok Duets) [link]
  • Instagram is working on a new sticker: Collab [link]
  • Instagram is working on the ability to react to Stories without sending a message [link]
  • Google is working on the possibility of setting working hours in Gmail [link]
  • Twitter added a button to change the background of text fleets [link]
  • Spotify is working on the ability to link to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa right from the app [link]
  • Snapchat is working on a new camera mode: Timeline [link]
  • GitHub app is working on “Working Hours” for notifications [link]
this is this week’s stimulation to go with this — not sure if it’s gonna make any sense though. more to come.
🐦 TWEETS of the WEEK
You’re spending time to save money when you should be spending money to save time.
Jack Butcher
Its a beautiful day to realize not everyone is going to agree with you (and that’s ok).
Matthew Kobach
Reinvent yourself if you want to

You don’t owe the old version of you anything
Relatable — Credit: GooComics
Relatable — Credit: GooComics
Not that funny, but coronavirus does like this — Credit: IrinaBlok
Not that funny, but coronavirus does like this — Credit: IrinaBlok
That's all for this week...
ok; now that you’re up to speed with last week [and october], go enjoy next week!
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