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Welcome to another Pulse! Here, everything is going Christmasy and super busy! How about around you?
December 9 · Issue #18 · View online
Welcome to another Pulse!
Here, everything is going Christmasy and super busy! How about around you?
I have a quick question for you: which app on your phone are you currently obsessed with? Hit reply and let me know!
And here’s an idea: shouldn’t Apple’s App Store and Google Play show you how many times an app has been uninstalled?! I think it’s an important indicator of the app’s quality! What do you think?
Now, let’s dive in…
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📰 News

  • The FBI is now investigating fake anti-net neutrality comments following the lead of state-level investigations from New York, Massachusetts, and Washington DC.

🧠 Insights
Land of the "Super Founders" - Credit: Ali Tamaseb
About 15 months ago, Ali embarked on a journey to answer a personal question: what did billion-dollar startups look like when they were getting started? There are a lot of stereotypes and preconceptions out there, as well as some articles and studies done over the years, but none answered his questions as a former founder and current VC…
After spending 300 hours gathering data on billion-dollar startups, here’s 100 charts you shouldn’t miss…
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📊 Statistics
Top categories purchased online - Credit: MarketingCharts
The Top 5 Most Popular Categories Purchased Online
A majority of online consumers around the world claim to buy entertainment (61%) and service (56%) categories more often online than in-store. And while fewer (38%) say they buy durables such as fashion, IT/mobile and electronics more often online, that still outweighs the share (22%) that buy them more in-store, according to a Nielsen study.
Read more on MarketingCharts.

Global device ownership - Credit: GlobalWebIndex
Latest Device Trends
  • Digital consumers now own an average of 3.2 devices.
  • 55% now use smart home entertainment products.
  • 40% used mobile voice search last month.
  • Smartphones are deemed the most important device, with 67% saying so. 
via GWI.

Sources of the news - Credit: PewResearch
TV at the Top
TV continues to rank 1st as Americans’ preferred platform for getting news!
Read more on PewResearch.

📱 Tools & Apps

🎮 Fun Stuff
Wasting Timeline - Credit: John Atkinson, WrongHands1
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