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📡 Someone's 👀spying on us. And we all know it.

Welcome to the 27th Pulse! And thank you for being a member of Pulse community, and thanks for the fe
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Welcome to the 27th Pulse!
And thank you for being a member of Pulse community, and thanks for the feedbacks. I do appreciate it. This time, I’ll keep this part short and let you jump in quickly!
- Ben from Perspective IX

🧠 Insights
They are watching us - Credit: Franck V. on Unsplash
Katherine Bindley, writing for The Wall Street Journal:
If we take advantage of all these privacy controls, it shouldn’t still feel as if Facebook is spying on us, right? We shouldn’t see so many ads that seem so closely tied to our activity on our phones, on the internet or in real life.
The reality? I took those steps months ago, from turning off location services to opting out of ads on Facebook and its sibling Instagram tied to off-site behavior. I told my iPhone to “limit ad tracking.” Yet I continue to see eerily relevant ads.
I tested my suspicion by downloading the What to Expect pregnancy app. I didn’t so much as share an email address, yet in less than 12 hours, I got a maternity-wear ad in my Instagram feed. I’m not pregnant, nor otherwise in a target market for maternity-wear. When I tried to retrace the pathway, discussing the issue with the app’s publisher, its data partners, the advertiser and Facebook itself — dozens of emails and phone calls — not one would draw a connection between the two events. Often, they suggested I ask one of the other parties.
But for me, it doesn’t end here. I’m even pretty sure that Facebook’s app on iPhone eavesdrop on our conversations, picking up keywords… Have you felt like that? Reply to this email and share your experience.
Read more on WSJ via DaringFireball.
📊 Statistics
Gen Z on Facebook - Credit: Socialbakers
Gen Z is Still on Facebook
Think you cannot target Gen Z on Facebook? Think again!
Socialbakers’ data shows that this generation is giving brands as much love as Millennials!

Music Industry Revenue - Credit: Statista
Streaming Dominates Music Industry Revenue
The music industry is generating the lion share of its revenue from streaming. A recent Recording Industry Association of America report found that three quarters of all revenue in the industry comes from streaming services like Spotify. Last year RIAA reported that only 65 percent of revenue came from streaming, pointing to how prevalent and essential streaming has become to making money in music. 
Read more on Statista.

Lyft vs Uber App Downloads in the US - Credit: SensorTower
Lyft Closing New User Gap with Uber in U.S. as IPO Approaches
As it prepares for its long-awaited IPO, Lyft has been slowly yet surely pulling alongside rival Uber in the United States when it comes to the number of new users both services are adding each month.
According to Sensor Tower, which count first-time downloads of apps by unique App Store and Google Play users, Lyft added close to 1.5 million new riders in the U.S. last month, compared to Uber’s 1.9 million, giving the soon-to-be-public company a 43 percent share of those acquired between the two. This is a significant turnaround from April 2015, when Uber accounted for 82 percent of new U.S. riders added by the two services that month.
Read more on SensorTower.

📱 Tools & Apps
  • Yes or No: The unpopular opinion app [iOS]
  • Cash App: Send money instantly. (Join via this link - or use this code: WFSDXPP - and we’ll each get £5. Invite your friends and you’ll each get £5!) [iOS | Android]
🐦 Tweet of the Week
David Pierce
The only correct way for a phone to be is on vibrate. If your phone rings audibly you should be arrested
11:06 PM - 27 Feb 2019
So, I thought I’d ask our Telegram audience if they should be arrested… And here’s the result:
Phone: Ringer vs Vibrate
If you’re on Telegram, you can still vote or see the latest results here.

🎮 Fun Stuff
This is America. This is America.
And this is the only right way - Credit: Reddit/u/Pace_major
This is not goodbye...
This is a warning. Don’t throw anything at crocodiles and snakes. Just don’t.
See you next week!
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