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📡 Prioritise: ⏳ vs 💵

Welcome to another Pulse! This time, I'm not sure if it's rainy or snowy or sunny or all of them - Ma
March 10 · Issue #28 · View online
Welcome to another Pulse!
This time, I’m not sure if it’s rainy or snowy or sunny or all of them - Manchester. Check out our Instagram Stories to see what I mean - do it before it’s too late!
This week, there’s a follow up on last week’s 🧠Insight. I think you should take a look at this Deep Dive by Axios: Data Privacy. It talks about the deal we made with the devil: free services in exchange for our privacy, how our view about it has change, and if there’s a way to control it.
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- Ben from Perspective IX

🧠 Insights
Time - Credit: Kevin Ku on Unsplash
“I can’t afford it.”
“I don’t have the time.”
…almost always means, “this is not a priority.”
When we care, it’s amazing how much we can get done. One way to choose to care is to be clear about your priorities, which means being clear in your language.
And so we can say to ourselves, “I’d love to do that, but it’s not a priority.”
Remarkable work is usually accomplished by people who have non-typical priorities.

📊 Statistics
Most preferred payment methods in 2018 - Credit: Statista
Leading Payment Methods Used in 2018
A credit card stored automatically on a computer is the main form of online payment in the U.S, according to a survey on Mobile Banking conducted by Ipsos and ING. Paypal came in second place with about 1 in 5 respondents citing the online payment as their preferred form of online payment. 
Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay were some of the less common forms of online payment for respondents interviewed by Ipsos and ING.
Read more on Statista.

Top US Retailers by e-Commerce Sales Share - Credit: Marketing Charts
Top US Retailers by E-Commerce Sales Share
Not surprisingly, Amazon is far and away the top US e-commerce retailer – but to what extent? A recent analysis from eMarketer finds that at almost half (47%) of total US retail e-commerce sales, it makes up for more than double the combined share held by all the other companies residing on the 2019 top 10 US e-commerce companies.
The current report indicates that Amazon will bring in $282.52 billion in gross e-commerce sales in 2019. Separate figures from Q2 2018 prove Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce as it reigned supreme in several categories including health, electronics, sports/fitness/outdoors, household essentials, home improvement and food.
Read more on MarktetingCharts and eMarketer.

Alt-Transport DAUs since Jan 2018 - Credit: Apptopia
Americans drift from Uber and Lyft, test alternative forms of transportation
Americans are exploring alternative methods of transportation. Looking at average daily active users (DAUs) per month over the past 13 months, we’re estimating decreases in active usage for Uber and Lyft, while seeing increases in active usage for things like public transportation, bikes and scooters.
The above data is for the United States and is a combination of iOS + Google Play apps. Lyft has said its market share in the United States was at about 35% in early 2018, and is now closing in at around 40%. Lyft is losing less average DAUs than Uber, which has in fact grown its percentage of market share in the United States.
Read more on Apptopia.

Reputations on the line - Credit: Statista
Brand Reputations That Took a Hit in 2019
Facebook certainly had a tough year and it shows in the recent Axios and Harris Poll report: The 100 Most Visible Companies. The company had the largest dip in the report’s ranking, plummeting 43 places between 2018 and 2019. Barely in the top 100 brands, the social network fell to the bottom of the pack. Facebook has had to answer to legislators around the world this year about how it shares users’ data with third parties, the role it plays in spreading disinformation, and the vulnerabilities it has to hacks. 

📱 Tools & Apps

🐦 Tweet of the Week
Ryan Mac
Getting the whole gang together:

Tim Apple
Jeff Amazon
Elon Tesla
Mark Facebook
Jack Twitter
Sundar Google
Larry Oracle
Mark Salesforce
Satya Soft
Reed Flix
10:48 PM - 6 Mar 2019
🎮 Fun Stuff
This is way too relatable!
This is not goodbye...
But this is: See you next week!
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