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📡 Organic reach still has a few breaths left. Google+ does not.

Welcome to the first double-digit Pulse! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. It's been a fantastic week
October 14 · Issue #10 · View online
Welcome to the first double-digit Pulse!
Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. It’s been a fantastic week around here. A lot of reading, some writing, a few workshops, and some other stuff 😁.
Now, there’s a lot to cover in this week’s issue, so let’s just dive in.

📰 News
  • This week, Google held their annual hardware event (aka the Pixel 3 event). It was more like a leak-confirmation session than an unveiling, but here’s a recap of everything Google announced.

  • Apparently, Facebook’s data breach is less terrible than what initially thought. Facebook originally said 50 million accounts were improperly accessed - but it’s been only 29 million! But that was not everything that happened to/on Facebook this week; a bug deleted some people’s Live videos! And NO, they can’t be restored!

  • But it wasn’t all negative for Facebook. They made a bold move and unveiled Facebook Portal: a home video chat camera with auto-zoom & built-in Amazon Alexa - for the people who still trust Facebook!

🧠 Insights
Keeping it Organic on Social Media - Credit: Brooke Lark on Unsplash
Keeping it Organic on Social Media - Credit: Brooke Lark on Unsplash
How to (still) Get Organic Reach on Social Media
In 2013, a Facebook Page could easily reach about 12 per cent of its fans with each post.
Just a year later, in 2014, it would reach only about six per cent of its fans.
Today, in 2018, that number is very likely to be smaller than six per cent.
Read more on how you can revive your organic reach on social media by understanding their algorithms - and more.

Google+ Milestones - Credit: SocialBakers
Google+ Milestones - Credit: SocialBakers
RIP GooglePlus!
Google finally decided to pull the plug on Google+, the consumer-facing portal of their social layer!
The decision was due to the lack of user engagement [90% of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds long]. Here’s a look back at GoolgePlus’s life and death.

📊 Statistics
Tesla’s Public Perception - Credit: Recode
Tesla’s Public Perception - Credit: Recode
Elon Musk’s behaviour hasn’t affected Tesla’s sales, but it has hurt its reputation
Even after a series of very un-CEO-like behaviours, like false funding claims, smoking weed on air, etc., Teslas, new and used, are flying off the lot. However, the overall public opinion of the company has been diminished.
Read more on Recode.

iOS 12 & 11 Adoption Rate - Credit: Mixpanel
iOS 12 & 11 Adoption Rate - Credit: Mixpanel
iOS 12 Adoption Rate
According to Mixpanel, an analytics company currently monitoring the install base of #iOS 12, #Apple’s latest mobile operating system is quite popular.
iOS 12 is already installed on roughly 56.3% of all iOS devices; 37.1% of devices still run iOS 11, and 6.6% of iOS users run an older version.
View the live graph on Mixpanel.

📱 Tools & Apps

  • A communication hub that replaces email. (Still not available, but you can sign up for access and wait in the queue.

  • Brella: A weather app that tells you what to wear. [iOS]

  • Prolific: A platform where you get paid (in real money!) to fill out questionnaires and help with real academic researches.
🎧 Podcast of the Week
Cisco Systems & Urban Decay: Sandy Lerner Cisco Systems & Urban Decay: Sandy Lerner
🎮 Fun Stuff
Parkour Atlas by Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics have done it again! Their robot, Atlas, can do Parkour now! This is both amazing and terrifying! I think we’re all notched.
Raymond Wong📱💾📼
Which phone wears the notch best? iPhone XS Max, Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 6, Essential Phone, or Vivo V11?
This is not goodbye...
You probably have already seen this, but for the six people who still haven’t:
Lynzy Lab Performs Viral Song “A Scary Time” (for Boys) - YouTube
See you next week!
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