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📡 Nobody's safe from it... 😬

Welcome to this week's Pulse! Hope you've had a fantastic weekend. Mine's been super hectic! I'll tel
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Welcome to this week’s Pulse!
Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend. Mine’s been super hectic! I’ll tell you why in a few weeks time 😊
A couple of days ago, I Pulse got about twenty new subscribers in a short space of time, and to be honest, I have no idea from where… So, if you have recently joined Pulse, I’d love to hear where you found it! You can just let me know by replying to this email! I’d really appreciate it.
Unfortunately, this issue misses the news section. Hopefully, it’ll come back next week. Hope you enjoy this issue.
- Ben from [ perspective ix]

🧠 Insights
You know what it is, don't you? - Credit: Luke Chesser on Unsplash
Instagram Hoax Fools US Department of Energy Head Rick Perry
A hoax meme is currently spreading across Instagram — and Rick Perry, the head of the United States Department of Energy, just fell for it.
The image is nothing more than a huge paragraph of text warning users that Instagram is changing its privacy policy “tomorrow,” and if they don’t repost it, Instagram will have “permission” to use everything they’ve shared on the platform.
“Feel free to repost!! #nothanksinstagram,” Perry wrote alongside the image, which has since been deleted from his Instagram page but still up on his Twitter account at the time of writing.
Nobody is safe from hoax… Nobody should stop learning.
Read more on Futurism.

📊 Statistics
In-App ads are effective when... - Credit: MarketingCharts
What Type of In-App Ads Grab Users’ Attention?
There’s good news for in-app advertisers: the majority (63%) of US mobile app users say that they believe the quality of the ads in both paid and even free apps is high. That’s according to the 1,500 US mobile app users (ages 18 years old and older) surveyed for a recent report by Aki Technologies.
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Top Grossing Photo & Video Apps Worldwide - July 2019 - Credit: SensorTower
Top Grossing Photo & Video Apps Worldwide for July 2019
The top grossing Photo & Video category app worldwide for July 2019 was YouTube with more than $53.4 million in user spending, which represented 2.5x growth from July 2018. Approximately 71 percent of YouTube’s revenue was from the United States, followed by 7 percent from Japan and 3 percent from Great Britain.
Read more on SensorTower.

📱 Tools & Apps
  • Thrive: A new kind of app that will help you get your life together [iOS]

  • DigitalProfile: Digital CV platform to find jobs that match your skills.

  • Poem: A free library full of poems and poets [Android]

🎧 Audio Stimulation
Hidden Brain - You 2.0: Deep Work
🐦 Tweets of the Week
Matt Navarra
Facebook made a small but interesting change to its homepage
5:04 PM - 28 Aug 2019
👆 From free to quick and easy! It was never free though! We were paying with our data all along… (Click here to see the new version)

🎮 Fun Stuff
You have no idea what's coming! - Credit: Reddit/u/PrincessDonaire
⛹️‍♀️ the Destroyer! ⛹️‍♀️ the Destroyer!
This is not goodbye...
This is! See you next week! 👋
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