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📡 How difficult are you? Or are you picky?

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Now, let’s get into this week’s round up of the internet — well, some of it!

how about them? - Credit: Angel Origgi on Unsplash
how about them? - Credit: Angel Origgi on Unsplash
Picky people have consistent preferences and standards.
Difficult people change their preferences frequently, and often in response to who is presenting to them or the mood they’re in.
It’s pretty easy to figure out which makes for a better client or colleague.
which one do you think you are? be honest.
i’ve been called both, but usually in the same context — when i know what i want and [often] don’t settle for anything else…
how would you deal with what you don’t want?
Time Spent With Mobile Messaging Apps Is on the Rise
U.S. Video Game Sales Spike Amid Pandemic
create the perfect colour palette — or just get inspired.
  • Photoshop Camera: smart capture, filters, lenses — and it’s free [iOS | Android]
definitely worth a try; it’s a lot smarter than your average camera app.
  • Facebook is testing a new set of tabs and filter options for your news feed [link]
  • LinkedIn is working on a new design with new colour palette & icons [link]
  • Google Translate is working on choices of speed [link]
  • Spotify is finally working on a tab to switch between Canvas, Album Art, and Video (which is new!) [link]
  • Spotify is working on a new Shared queue flow [link]
  • Google Maps is working on “Ok Google” for iOS which overrides “Hey Siri” while navigating [link]
  • Twitter is working on “Top Requests” for DM [link]
  • Reddit is working on showing the amount of awards a user has sent and received [link]
  • Twitter’s reminder about retweeting news articles you’ve not read [example]
🐦 TWEETS of the WEEK
this is my favourite 🧵 of the week!
dan barker
A few weeks ago I was in London for the day. I took the first train down, & finished work by early afternoon.

My return train was at 8:46pm, so I spent the afternoon going round the Monopoly route.

I thought it would be interesting to photograph London at such a unique time.
Anne T. Donahue
NO your email did NOT find me well, it found me ravaged with STRESS AND THE EFFECTS OF TIME
Lex Fridman
12345679 × 1 × 9 = 111111111
12345679 × 2 × 9 = 222222222
12345679 × 3 × 9 = 333333333
12345679 × 4 × 9 = 444444444
12345679 × 5 × 9 = 555555555
12345679 × 6 × 9 = 666666666
12345679 × 7 × 9 = 777777777
12345679 × 8 × 9 = 888888888
12345679 × 9 × 9 = 999999999
12345679 × 0 × 9 = 000000000
this 👆 was so satisfying…
that you wish this 👇 WAS a snake!
and this 👇 is too funny to miss… please don’t… 🤣🤣
👓 Not-So-Virtual Reality — again!
Credit: TheProModder/Reddit
Credit: TheProModder/Reddit
That's all for this week...
done for the week. it’s time for a 🍺
done for the week. it’s time for a 🍺
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