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Hello & welcome to Pulse — 
the weekly techie/businessy newsletter from @perspectiveix. I’m your host, Ben, and I’m here, writing Pulse for you, despite my flat not having running water since this morning. Apparently, something’s wrong with a pump in the building.
It reminds me how easy it is to take things for granted…
Anyways, let’s talk about Pinterest — where I catalogue my dreams and plans instead of the current crappy state of the world. From a business perspective, if you’re not using Pinterest, you’re missing out. And if you have access to Pinterest’s Story Pins, you’re missing out even more.
So, yesterday, while I didn’t realise how lucky I am to have access to running water, I sat down and wrote a quick post for our blog. It’s called Story Pins: a Pinteresting take on the Story Format — give it a read and start using Pinterest if you wanna drive traffic anywhere.
📌 Remember: Pinterest is a search engine, not a social network.
Now, let’s dive into this week’s Pulse.

Results you can see - Credit: iMattSmart on Unsplash
Results you can see - Credit: iMattSmart on Unsplash
There’s a huge gulf between earned expertise and strong opinion.
Knowing what others who have come before have done (and having successfully done it yourself) is demonstrably more effective than simply acting as if your opinion matters. Whether you’re dealing a lawsuit, cancer or a sous vide machine, you’re better off talking with someone who has earned their experience.
There’s a reason that there are very few loud amateur locksmiths. Either the lock opens or it doesn’t. Untrained voices tend to reserve their work for endeavors in which the results are either difficult to measure or happen far in the future.
this paragraph is one of the best things i’ve read — maybe ever. reaffirms to me why i’m doing what i’m doing… and why i’m not taking the route of the “loud” experts… no thanks to social media!
Data Used by Mobile App Downloads Surged 52% During COVID-19
Selfie Editing Apps Get a Lift During Social Distancing
  • Trash: Don’t edit yourself — create AI-edited music videos and more [iOS]
my new favourite app… its edits are awesome!
  • Punkt: Private & secure one-sentence journaling [iOS]
your private journal, kept on your device/iCloud… nothing social about your journal, right?
can it replace your business card? potentially.
not much there to explain, is there?
  • Instagram continues working on chat colours [link]
  • Instagram is working on video stickers [link]
  • Facebook is working on a Neighbourhoods feature [link]
  • Facebook is working on viewing & replying to Instagram Stories directly from the Facebook app [link]
🐦 TWEETS of the WEEK
Brian D. Evans
"You didn't come this far to only come this far."
Adam Kay
It's next fucking week again.
Eric Alper 🎧
What is the weirdest thing you believed as a kid?
this 🧵👆 is worth reading through… lol
and so is this one 👇 — but less lol
Rachel Monroe
This is a thread about what it’s like to be Elon Musk’s neighbor.
it doesn’t end there tho… look at this & this too…
who's up for a short one? - Credit: reddit/u/deniss_1996
who's up for a short one? - Credit: reddit/u/deniss_1996
  • IBM announces job cuts, Granny’s GDPR problem, and iOS 14 leaked [links]
  • Facebook to scale remote working, Amazon to delay Prime Day, and WhatsApp to join QR party [links]
  • Twitter trolling its users, Instagram warning its users, and Shopify taking care of its users [links]
  • Spotify‘s big move, Facebook’s Shopify killer, and EasyJet’s data breach [links]
  • TikTok’s new Disney Prince, Uber’s cutting more jobs, and Instagram’s taking on Pinterest [links]
  • Edison Mail’s shitshow, Samsung’s artificial sunlight, and last week’s super hack [links]
thoughts on the new news section?!
That's all for this week...
hibyehibyehibyehibyehibye - Credit: TrentShyClaymations
hibyehibyehibyehibyehibye - Credit: TrentShyClaymations
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