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Hello and welcome to Pulse — the weekly techie/businessy newsletter from @perspectiveix. I’m your host, Ben, and last week, Pulse turned two
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Now, let’s start with a roundup of last week’s news…

  • Trump is now on TikTok rival Triller [link], Apple is in war with the gaming industry [link], and Tesla’s 2FA is “embarrassingly late” but coming soon [link]
  • Facebook, Amazon, TikTok, and India [link]
  • The Epic (Games) battle, and TikTok — it’s rivals and partners [link]
  • Surface Duo is coming, UK’s officially entering recession, and Police can ask for your mobile passcode [link]
  • Updating Boeing 747 with a floppy disk, and Putin’s COVID-19 vaccine [link]
  • Big tech against US guest worker ban, Gaming industry still booming, and Disney gives no fox [link]
  • TikTok’s new potential buyer, Telegram’s video calls, and Amazon moving to malls [link]
Credit: Arjunsyah on Unsplash
Credit: Arjunsyah on Unsplash
You’re unlikely to get everything you want. That’s a good thing, because wants are part of what define us.
It’s entirely possible that you’ll get most of what you need, though.
The trick is in being clear about what you put into each category.
what’s at the top of each category for you?
Shopping via Social Media on the Rise
Signal Sees 30% Boost in Downloads as U.S. WeChat Ban Looms
  • Poolside FM for Macintosh: The super-summer music player for your Mac [macOS]
Vita Coco: Michael Kirban - How I Built This with Guy Raz
🐦 TWEETS of the WEEK
Rupert Spira
Know yourself as nothing; feel yourself as everything. - Rupert Spira, The Ashes of Love
Matthew Kobach 🚀 (Sept 2nd)
I’ve noticed that there are two types of people: Those who try to find out who’s at fault when something goes wrong, and those who try to find out how to fix what went wrong.

I prefer people who fall in the latter group.
Michael Dempsey
I wish someone would have told me this earlier in my life so...a lot of people your age are doing things you aren't, entirely because of family money.
well... - Credit: Brendo__/Reddit
well... - Credit: Brendo__/Reddit
what have you done!? - Credit: apenasumfa/Reddit
what have you done!? - Credit: apenasumfa/Reddit
That's all for this week...
screenshot it... send it over...
screenshot it... send it over...
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