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📡 Chocolate, Oxygen, and Disney

Welcome to another wintery Pulse! Hope you're enjoying the cold - if you're in the Northern Hemispher
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Welcome to another wintery Pulse!
Hope you’re enjoying the cold - if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere! Here in Manchester, we had about an hour of snow a couple of days ago, which didn’t set - just ticked the box for winter!
I really like winter if it snows, but my favourite season is autumn. It’s just so colourful!
What’s your favourite season? You know you can hit ‘reply,’ right?

🧠 Insights
Chocolate vs Oxygen - Credit: Brooke Lark on Unsplash
Chocolate vs Oxygen - Credit: Brooke Lark on Unsplash
Run out of chocolate, and that’s a shame. Run out of oxygen and you’re doomed.
Sometimes, we overdo our reliance on chocolate. It’s better in small doses–too much and it loses its magic. And sometimes we confuse the thing we want with the thing we need…
If your day or your project or your organization focuses too much on finding the next piece of chocolate, you might forget to focus on the oxygen you actually need.

📊 Statistics
Where you'd get the most out of Netflix - Credit: Statista
Where you'd get the most out of Netflix - Credit: Statista
Where Netflix is the Most Bang for Your Buck
Netflix made waves in the U.S. this week when the streaming service announced that it was raising costs across all three of its plan options. At the end of the month, Netflix also revealed that all of its Disney titles would leave its platform as Disney rolls out their own streaming service. With all that to consider, where do people really get the best value for their Netflix subscription? 
By looking at the total library size available by country and the going price for a monthly subscription, Colombia seems to have the lowest prices and the most access to movie and show titles. They are closely followed by India and Mexico. Despite the price increases and movie removals, the United States is still one of the top ten countries for Netflix. Based on the countries analyzed by Comparitech, Iran and Denmark come in at the bottom with the worst access for the monthly price of Netflix. (via Statista)
Although US is in Netflix's top ten... - Credit: Statista
Although US is in Netflix's top ten... - Credit: Statista
Netflix’s Subscriber Growth Has Shifted Away From Home
Netflix added more subscribers than ever in the fourth quarter of 2018. The company surpassed its growth targets by adding 11.4 million subscribers between October and December, bringing its subscriber total to 148.5 million, including those on a free trial. 

As the following chart illustrates, Netflix’s growth has increasingly shifted to international markets in recent years as the streaming giant expanded to more and more markets. In the most recent quarter, Netflix added 9.3 million subscribers internationally and just 2.1 million on its home turf. International customers now account for 60 percent of the company’s subscriber base, up from just 40 percent three years ago. 

Wall Street closely watches Netflix’s subscriber growth because the company’s ongoing investment in content, both licensed and self-produced, will only pay off in the long run if its global subscriber base continues to grow. (via Statista)

Top shopping apps of 2018 - Credit: SensorTower
Top shopping apps of 2018 - Credit: SensorTower
Top Shopping Category Apps by Downloads for 2018
The top shopping category app by downloads in 2018 was Wish with more than 161 million installs, representing growth of 24 percent from 2017. The largest portion of Wish’s downloads came from the United States and Brazil, at 19.7 and 11.5 percent, respectively. The top 10 most downloaded shopping category apps worldwide in 2018 are listed above. App download estimates are from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform.
Amazon was the next most downloaded shopping app with more than 134 million installs. The third most installed app was AliExpress, followed by Shopee and Joom. (via SensorTower)

📱 Tools & Apps
  • Amazon Lite: Removes ads, sponsored products and other clutter on Amazon. [Chrome Extension]
  • Shots: Turn designs into code.
🎮 Fun Stuff
So… it looks like Iron Man and Captain America have a thing for Disney duos!
Hmm... Credit: @cxptainflint
Hmm... Credit: @cxptainflint
🤗 - Credit: RobertDowneyJr
🤗 - Credit: RobertDowneyJr
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