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Hello and welcome to Pulse — the weekly techie/businessy newsletter from @perspectiveix. I’m your host, Ben, and my Snapchat lens hit 1 MILLION views last week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Other than that, let’s jump in. Oh, and btw, make sure you check the tools & apps this week.

  • Amazon support team’s geography fail [link], GM recalls 68,000 Chevy Bolt EVs [link], and
  • Hackers target COVID19 research, LinkedIn overcharging advertisers, and TikTok ban [link]
  • macOS Big Sur, US Election, and Instagram’s redesign [link]
  • The end of the free Google Photos, TikTok being ghosted by Trump, and SpaceX certified [link]
  • Apple’s new silicon, Amazon’s trouble in the EU, and Bitcoin tax fraud [link]
  • Probation for Apple’s major supplier, Buying entry to the EU, and One more thing [link]
  • Disinfo fight, Security holes, and Antitrust [link]
Before it’s too late - Credit:  Eternal Seconds on Unsplash
Before it’s too late - Credit: Eternal Seconds on Unsplash
We all have them.
“If ____ happens, then I’ll do ____.”
If this emergency passes, then I’ll take a break.
If this customer closes, then I’ll invest in my education.
If we get this finished, then we’ll focus on that.
Too often, the ifthen is nothing but a stall. As a result, we burn trust, and worse, postpone a future we’d like to spend time living in.
Take your ifthen’s seriously. The future always happens sooner than we expect.
reminds me of this quote from Osho: “Tomorrow never comes, it is always today.”
Top Apps Worldwide for October 2020 by Downloads
Disney+ reaches 100M downloads & $285M IAP revenue in its first year
Twitter Flagged 300k Misleading U.S. Election Tweets
  • PostSheet: Send personalised emails using Google Sheets (and more)
my new fav tool
  • Genei: AI-generated summaries for any article or research paper.
free trial and student discount, but a paid service — and it’s super interesting.
this is exciting — and looks really good!
  • Twitter keeps working on “Audio Space” by improving its design [link]
  • Twitter’s Birdwatch got a new icon [link]
  • Twitter is working on the “Muted” section [link]
  • Facebook is testing new tabs on profiles [link]
  • Twitter is working on an option for filtering graphic media [link]
  • Microsoft is working on “Categories” on Outlook for Android [link]
  • Instagram continues to work on the Reels remix feature [link]
  • Slack is working on the Stories feature [link]
  • Snapchat keeps working on the Timeline mode [link]
🐦 TWEETS of the WEEK
L.E.T me 💭
Sinners judges sinners,

for sinning differently.
Everybody wants to change others. Nobody wants to be changed.
Jack Butcher
What you think you need:

- A business plan
- A business card
- A mission statement
- A website
- An office

What you actually need:

- A customer
valid question - Credit: oneredonebrown/Reddit
valid question - Credit: oneredonebrown/Reddit
Brena Andring
Find you someone who looks at you the way Craig Federighi looks at Big Sur 🤣
That's all for this week...
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keep pulse a secret 🤫
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