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📡 A trade you don’t wanna do

Hello and welcome to Pulse — the weekly techie/businessy newsletter from @perspectiveix. I’m your host Ben, and I’m sorry I’m late. It’s been a super busy week with the lockdown ending on Wednesday.
And a quick welcome to everyone who downloaded the gifts on Telegram last week — and also James, who I met in person today and joined us here.
Ok, now, let’s jump in; it’s already pretty late.

  • TikTok’s deadline comes and goes with no sale and no ban [link], phones with removable cameras [link], and the true price of a PlayStation 5 [link]
  • Controversy, Mental health, and TikTok Ban [link]
  • Stablecoins, Russian malwares, and Your location data [link]
  • Slack’s sale, AWS’s launch, and Libra’s rebranding! [link]
  • DeepMind breakthrough, Facebook’s new acquisition, and Big tech in Europe [link]
  • Huawei in the UK, Black Friday in the US, and ride-hailing in India [link]
Credit: Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash
Credit: Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash
The old adage was always wrong. “Say whatever you like, but spell my name right.”
And now it’s even more of a trap.
The temptation to get the word out is overwhelming. There’s so much noise and so much hustle going on that we might believe that it’s okay to trade our standards and principles and position for some attention. At least for a minute or two.
The latest viral video is for an online dating site, and it features Satan as one of their customers. Nicely shot, sort of funny, with just the right amount of inside humor, there’s no arguing that it got attention.
But it burned trust. It established an image that contradicts the position they worked hard to earn for more than a decade.
There have always been shortcuts to attention. But the only purpose of advertising of any kind is to cause action, and action only happens when there’s trust involved.
Top Apps Worldwide for November 2020 by Downloads
Most People Will Decide to Watch A TV Show After One Episode - Marketing Charts
play at your own risk :]
as expected, but always interesting.
  • Spotify is finally working on on-device local files support for Android [link]
  • Instagram is working on shareable urls for the Reels audios [link]
  • Instagram keeps working on the “Show Other Accounts” feature [link]
  • Instagram is working on the possibility of showing your other accounts on your profile [link]
  • Microsoft is working to support Gmail and iCloud calendar sync on Outlook [link]
  • TikTok is rolling out ability to upload longer videos of up to 3 minutes long [link]
🐦 TWEETS of the WEEK
My 4yo niece: “You’re fat”

Me: “Santa died”
Jack Butcher
Student vs. Apprentice:

"Memorize this and we'll give you a certificate that confirms you memorized it — by the way, you owe us $200,000."


"Choose a skill, practice relentlessly, and we'll pay you more as you get better."
i actually have a bunch of playlists, but this is so relatable!
i actually have a bunch of playlists, but this is so relatable!
That's all for this week...
this is me on my way to your inbox today!
this is me on my way to your inbox today!
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