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Welcome to this week's Pulse - this time, from Istanbul, Turkey! First, sorry about being a couple of
May 19 · Issue #38 · View online
Welcome to this week’s Pulse - this time, from Istanbul, Turkey!
First, sorry about being a couple of hours late! When you have a flight at 3am, things tend to get ugly specially if you don’t get to sleep during your flight and get to the hotel way before your check-in time! (Yes, all happened to me! Scroll down to the end…)
If you’re into crypto world, here’s a special offer (only 4 slots available):
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Before you dive in, anyone from Istanbul, Turkey? What’s the best thing about/to do in Istanbul?
- Ben from Perspective IX

🧠 Insights
Credit: Luke van Zyl on Unsplash
Instagram Engagement Report
What Your Company Needs to Know for 2019 
Analysing 48,065,694 Instagram posts and 306,278 of the top users Hubspot+Mention observed trends about engagement rates, hashtags, and other insights that matter to both brands and marketers.
Here are the key findings:
  • Video posts receive more than 2x more comments than other types of posts.
  • Tagging more than 5 users in a post does not increase engagement rates. 
  • The average Instagram post contains 1.014402684 hashtags. 
  • 46.6% of Instagram users have less than 1000 followers. 
Download the complete report here.

🗳 Poll of the Week
Which one is your current favourite platform/app?
  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. Twitter
  5. Linkedin
  6. Telegram
  7. Quora
  8. Pinterest
  9. Something else? Hit ‘reply’ and let me know!
📊 Statistics
Worldwide Top Apps by App Store Downloads - Credit: SensorTower
Worldwide Top Apps by App Store Downloads
TikTok was the most downloaded app on the App Store for its fifth consecutive quarter in the No. 1 spot. YouTube was No. 2 for the second quarter in a row. Twitter had 11.7 million App Store downloads in Q1 2019, making it the No. 16 most downloaded app. This was Twitter’s highest total since Q1 2015 and a year-over-year increase of 3.6 percent.
Read more on SensorTower.

Worldwide Top Apps by Google Play Downloads - Credit: SensorTower
Worldwide Top Apps by Google Play Downloads
WhatsApp was the most downloaded app on Google Play worldwide for Q1 2019 with close to 199 million installs, followed by Messenger, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.
Read more on SensorTower.

How smartphones killed compact cameras - Credit: CIPA
A Review of Japanese Camera Industry
The compact camera is now almost gone thanks to smartphones, but the higher-end removable-lens cameras have stabilised.
Here’s a fascinating set of charts to review Japanese Camera Industry.
Read more on CIPA. [PDF]

📱 Tools & Apps

🐦 Tweets of the Week
Steven Sinofsky
A debate about face recognition is entirely misplaced serving as anti-tech rhetoric.

Rather it is fundamentally about liberty and freedom of movement w/o presumption of guilt. We're on the verge of a surveillance state. W/ or w/o face recognition a loss of liberty is happening.
12:49 AM - 15 May 2019
Benedict Evans
Google: there are now 2.5bn active Android devices. Developer dashboard says 95% are phones: say 2.4bn
Apple said 900m iPhones in January
Chinese Android (not in Google’s stats) phones are ~650m
Total: 4bn smartphones in use today, out of 5bn total mobile phones (& 5.5bn adults)
7:10 PM - 7 May 2019
🎮 Fun Stuff
ISO/IEC 27001:2019 Best Practice A.6.17 - Credit: Reddit/u/panosc
Or soon, we’ll all be like…
Watching old family videos - Credit: Reddit/u/dekokode
This is not goodbye...
My snap in Shiraz Airport got screenshotted 60 times inn 15 hours! wtf!
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